Location 3 – Yala (Duration – 01 Day)

The Yala National Park is the most famous wildlife sanctuary in Sri Lanka and this vast reserve is home to a
multitude of fascinating wildlife as well as plant life. Deer, peacocks, wild boar, bears and herds of wild
elephants are just some of the creatures that live here. Yala is also known as one of the best places to spot
the ever illusive Sri Lankan leopard and is also home to an amazing array of endemic birds. Explore this
amazing realm in a jeep safari escorted 

After breakfast at the hotel proceed to Yala Check in to the hotel & Relax

Proceed to jungle for a great safari experience in Yala National Park

Yala National Park safari session will be for 3-4 hours

Leopards in Sri Lanka

Watch out for crocodiles during the jungle safari. Don’t forget to capture them to your camera

Sri Lanka is home to endemic and non-endemic birds. You will be able to see many birds life in Yala

National Park. Speak to our trekker for more information about Yala National park Yala is also popular for its elephants. Be prepared to witness the giants on land, right next to your safari jeep

If you're lucky you will be able to see peacock dance, make sure you keep your camera ready for this shot

If time permits and if interests, pay a visit to most famous Kataragama Hindu temple

Sri Lanka offers range of camping experiences to our tourists. Please speak to us if you like to experience a jungle side camping Yala is one of the most famous parks to witness Sri Lankan leopards

Overnight stay and relax at the Elephant Reach (3 Star) in Yala
Overnight stay at the Elephant Reach in Yala.
Meal plan for Day 03 is Bed & Breakfast.
Expected travel time from Nuwara Eliya to Yala is 4 hours 24 mins. 


Camping in Jungle

There's camping. And then there's jungle
camping.Experience the Jungle from a deeper perspective while experience a jungle side camping. 


Elephants in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan subspecies is the largest and also the
darkest of the Asian elephants, with patches of
depigmentation areas 


Birds life in Sri Lanka

The bird life of Sri Lanka is very rich for its size and about
433 species have been recorded. Many resident birds, also number of migratory species enter to the country 


Crocodiles in Sri Lanka

Anywhere in the park where there is water you will find Sri Lankan Crocodiles. They will be static and basking, you have to look hard to find them


Yala is one of the most famous parks to

Leopard subspecies native to Sri Lanka that was first
described in 1956.The wild population is roughly estimated
at 700–950 individuals.


4x4 Jeep Safari

While proceeding in an early morning or evening 4x4 jeep
safari you can experience most comprehensive wildlife and
nature in Sri Lanka .


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